Product placement works!

The latest news on my YouTube video came in the form of an e-mail today from someone in marketing at saying that they appreciated me wearing a T-shirt in my video promoting Internet poker. They want to verify my address and shirt size so they can send me some additional PokerStars apparel. So I guess product placement really works!

I’ve been browsing around YouTube quite a bit and they have a nifty feature that whenever you see a video you like you can click on “Add to Favorites” and it will keep a list of all your favorite videos on your YouTube homepage. People who visit my homepage can also click on a feature called “Subscribe to Favorites”. That way every time I find a cool video and add it to my list you will get an automatic e-mail once a week showing you what I’ve been looking at lately. I’m going to post some messages here in this blog in the near future highlighting particular favorites that I think people will find most interesting.

Whenever you’re watching a YouTube video, there is a section on the right-hand side of the page listing related videos. One of the videos that was “related to” my video was a music video from a country western singer named Chris Young! Check out his video here. I’m not much of a country music fan so I can’t really comment on how great he is or isn’t.

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That’s all for now…

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