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My YouTube video mentioned in an earlier post of it still getting lots of attention from the Poker Players Alliance. They completed their lobbyists “fly-in” last week and PPA president former Senator Alphonse D’Amato sent out an update e-mail (click here to see it) to update members on what happened. It includes another reference to my video in which he said “Chris Young’s right-on-target video was shown on the Hill…”. The e-mail also contains links to a page of text testimonials from people all over the country and many of whom also played the handicapped card. Lots of veterans also contributed. Click here for links to news coverage about the event.

To date my version of the video (with the typo in the opening title) has gotten over 1800 hits and eight comments on YouTube. The PPA upload of my video has earned over 350 hits and three comments while other versions of the video on other hosting sites have earned a little over 100 hits combined.

Here is a PPA video giving an overview of the Washington event which is pretty cool.

Click here for a link to the PPA YouTube channel which contains lots of other poker news videos.

In my next installment see how that PokerStars T-shirt paid off for me.

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