Holiday Hospital

I spent much of December 2016 in the hospital with severe respiratory distress that led to the insertion of a trach tube. I spent the first week in St. Vincent’s ICU but was later transferred to a long-term care facility called St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital. My ICU stay was chronicled in the 14 part blog series titled “Pray That They Listen To The Man With No Voice” which you can read by following that link. In this series I will cover the events of the remaining two weeks that I spent at Seton Specialty Hospital. While it was neither as dramatic or traumatic as the first week in ICU, there are still some interesting stories to tell so I’ve chronicled them here. Because my stay at Seton included Christmas day I have titled this series “Holiday Hospital”. I hope you enjoy the stories.

  1. My New Hospital Home
  2. A Busy First Day
  3. Having a Prophet for a Friend
  4. An Uneventful Weekend
  5. A Dry Heat
  6. Technical Support
  7. The Christmas We Deserve
  8. Christmas Gifts
  9. Training Day