Poker testimony

One of my earliest memories as a child was going to my Grandma Osterman’s house on Sunday nights for a family poker game. She taught me how to play poker and when I was 14 I was officially old enough to play with the other adults in the family. Poker games have been an important part of family gatherings for as long as I can remember.

Since 2004 at also been playing poker on the internet at a variety of sites including, but mostly on I generally play single table sit-and-go games with a buy-in ranging from $5.50 to $6.60.

Unfortunately the last year new federal legislation was passed that attempts to block banks and financial institutions from making customer transactions when internet gambling sites. A new grassroots organization called the Poker Players Alliance is currently lobbying Congress to overturn most of the provisions of that law and to provide for license legalized internet gambling. Later this month the PPA is having a rally in Washington, DC to draw attention to our cause. For those of us like myself who cannot attend the rally they suggested that we create a YouTube video telling our story why internet poker is so important to us. With the help of my friend Anne Chapman I created a YouTube video and submitted it to the Poker Players Alliance. They liked it so much they are featuring it on their main webpage and are going to upload it to other video sharing sites for me. They created a special news item on their webpage about my video. In just four days my video had been viewed 50 times and that was without any publicity by me.

Click here to link to the Poker Players Alliance website for more information about pending legislation and what you can do to help our cause.

Here is my YouTube video…


Click here for my next installmentfor five to about the reaction to this video.

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