A Star Is Born

In my previous post I shared a YouTube video that I created for the Poker Players Alliance to help them promote legislation for the legalization and licensing of Internet poker. Apparently the PPA was really taken with my video because they quickly posted it on their homepage and requested my permission to post it at several other video sharing sites.

Apparently there is a site called TubeMogul.com that allows you to post the same video to several different sites automatically.

I sent my original DivX .avi file to a site called zShare.net which will allow you to transfer large files in any format to other people. The files are not public. They’re only available to people to whom you send the link. I set my file to them and then e-mailed the link to the folks at the PPA. They download it and then submit it to TubeMogul.com and it automatically posted it to the following sites…

Click on any of the links above to see the video posted on these other sites. Note that the original YouTube video at a misspelling in the opening title. It said “Legalizaion” with a missing “t”. The corrected version appears on all the other sites.

I also got a really nice e-mail from John Pappas the executive director of the Poker Players Alliance saying…

Mr. Young, I wanted to send you note to personally thank you for the pro-poker, pro-PPA post on You Tube. Your story was and is amazing and you tell it with such passion and sincerity. I just wanted to let you know that your piece made me feel really proud about what we are trying to accomplish.

Thank you again,

John A.
Executive Director
Poker Players Alliance

The president of the PPA is former Senator Alphonse D’Amato. He regularly sends out an e-mail newsletter to all PPA members with a customized message based on what Congressional District they live in. Click here for an e-mail he sent me on October 17, 2007. In the e-mail includes a link to my video and encourages others to submit their own videos. He also has quotes from other poker players who apparently didn’t hesitate to play the “disability” card in their plea for legalized poker.

Let’s hope all this does some good.

In other poker news apparently there is controversy at AbsolutePoker.com about someone who cheated in one of their major tournaments apparently with inside help. Click here for an article on a site called http://www.poker-king.com/ There are also articles about some questionable activity in the World Championship Of Online Poker recently concluded at PokerStars.com where I like to play. This didn’t involve any insider information. There are just allegations that two or more players were playing from the same physical location and perhaps some team play was involved. That kind of stuff goes on a lot but they are easily caught because PokerStars can track the IP addresses of the players. Here is another article about the scandal at Absolute Poker.

That’s all the gossip for now.

P. S. check out my next article for follow up on the Absolute Poker scandal.

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