Test Driving a Wheelchair Using My Mouth

My wheelchair guy dropped by today with 2 different sample joysticks to try out. One was like a little button that you deflect with a finger. I could move it forward and backwards with my thumb and I can turn right but I had trouble turning left. Also I was concerned that if I hit a bump I would not be able to get my finger off of the button. Also my fingers are on the verge of giving out on me or I wouldn’t need a new wheelchair to begin with. The other joystick that he brought is a traditional looking joystick only very small and easy to push. I tried moving it was my mouth with him just holding the joystick up to me. He left the devices with us with our loaner wheelchair. This evening dad and I reached together a mount for the joystick using old brackets and other pieces of scrap metal we had lying around. It was all held together with C clamps as vice grips. Here is a video by test drive. Based on this success we are moving ahead and finally ordering the new wheelchair.

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