Overcoming Disability With a Magic Wand

It’s in my nature to compartmentalize things obsessively. That’s why I have a personal blog, a technology blog, a politics blog, a religion blog, a graphics blog, and entertainment blog rather than just one big blog with different categories. Sometimes life just doesn’t want to be carved up into pieces. In this personal blog I’ve been talking about my struggles with my ever-changing disability. But in my technology blog, I thought about my electronic gadgets that I build and adaptive equipment I’ve designed.

My latest technology blog entry tells the story of my latest assistive technology device built. It includes Bluetooth switch control for my iPhone and a universal IR remote for my TV, cable box, surroundsound, and Blu-ray player. It’s a project that has been in development nearly 3 years off and on. It includes much of the history of how I’ve operated devices like TV remotes and smart phones. Because it is very technical, it really belongs in the tech blog.

However it also explains the struggles I’ve had as my abilities have decreased over the years. That kind of story typically appears here in my personal life blog. So I guess I will just crosspost a link here for those of you who been following this blog.

Like all my stories, it’s extremely long-winded. It’s nearly 6000 words long but I think you’ll enjoy it if you have the time to read through it.

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