“Do you want to watch some football?” A Thanksgiving Parody

This blog was originally written on Thanksgiving 2014. Be sure to see the extra note at the bottom of the page to read what happened next.

I was inspired to throw together this little parody today while watching football when I noticed how well the phrase “Do you want to watch some football?” fit the melody. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy this little composition.
(Sing this parody to the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?” from Disney’s animated feature “Frozen”)

Do you want to watch some football?
Nothing else is on TV
My belly’s full of turkey now
So on the couch, is where I need to be
I used to be a Bears fan, but now I’m not
Their record’s the reason why.
Do you want to watch football?
If you’re not watching football
Bring me pie!

(Second verse)
Do you want to watch some football?
Second game will soon begin
Ol’ Romo has all day to throw
The poor defense can never get to him
He throws an interception, the Cowboys lose
At halftime I had more pie
Do you want to watch some football?
If you’re not watching football
Okay bye.

(third verse sing slowly and melancholy)
All alone still watching football
The third game’s about to start
My belly feels much better now
’cause I finally passed a great big fart
I don’t know what the score is
But I don’t care
The tryptophan made me high!
I’m still gonna watch more football
I can’t get enough of football
But no more pie!

After I posted this blog online and reposted it the following Thanksgiving, some guy who I’ve never met before in one of my maker groups wrote me an email and told me that he loved my little parody so much that he had to record it. He found a karaoke track for the song and recorded his voice over it. The karaoke track cuts the second verse a little bit short so he had to drop some lines. But other than that he sang it exactly like I intended it to be sung. Click the link below to play the MP3 version of my song.

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