This is the last in a series of articles about my recent trip to the emergency room, my intestinal surgery, and my recovery afterwards. Here is an index to all of the articles in this series.

Those of you who know me know the end of this story. You know that I recovered well from my first surgery and I had a follow-up surgery to reverse the colostomy Monday, October 23 at 8 a.m. in St. Vincent Hospital. I was hoping to have this entire series first series before I had the second surgery but I didn’t get around to it. I then planned to tell the entire story of my second surgery but I got so distracted with other things that I haven’t gotten around to it either.

I do intend to go back fill in the details about my recovery from the first surgery, life with the colostomy, and the details of the second surgery etc.

In the next installment I move on to more mundane topics.

Epilogue: Despite what I wrote above, I never did go back to finish this blog. I’m writing this epilogue in January 2013. When I’m going to do is write another blog post or two (okay so maybe three or four who knows) and I’m going to date them various dates in November 2006. In fact there were no blog entries for that month. I only had one brief posting in December showing off my Christmas card. The remaining post in 2007 were mostly about VCRs and remote controls and other technology issues. The Christmas card blog entry is being moved to my graphics blog. The other VCR blogs are being moved to my technology blog.

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