I’m going to take a brief timeout from telling the story about my hospital visit to share a couple of interesting links with all of you. Click here for an index to all of the articles in this series. or click here for the next installment of the story.

Every year about this time when the new TV season is about to begin I try to make sense out of all of the new schedules. Each network has its own way of posting the new schedules on the web site and it’s hard to keep track of what shows got canceled, what shows got moved, and what’s new. So for my own use and to share with my friends I try to create an all in one handy dandy TV schedule. Things were complicated this year by the fact that The WB network and UPN network has closed and merged into a new network called CW (although don’t ask me what that stands for). Anyway here is a link to my handy dandy TV schedule.

I found a article in the New York Times online edition about an amazing video of a guy playing and rock ‘n roll version of Pachelbel’s Cannon on the electric guitar. The video was posted on YouTube.com but that guitarist wasn’t identified. The reporter from the New York Times finally tracked him down. Click here for the New York Times article. And click here for a link to the amazing guitar video. You will probably need broadband Internet to see the video.

(Addendum added in July 2012: Can you believe back in 2006 I did not presume that everyone had broadband. I actually did presume some people still had dial-up. Further note the guy first identified in this video was actually a hoax. They have subsequently identified the real guy. Here is his YouTube page with more videos. End of addendum.)

On a more personal note, my mother is having her surgical biopsy on her lung Friday, September 1 and my next surgery is scheduled for Friday, October 13. Prayers are much welcomed.

Click here for the next installment of my hospital story.

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