Long-Winded Aren’t I?

I tend to be a long-winded person. I can’t just tell one little story I have to tell big long stories. For example my award-winning article “The Reunion” was actually put together from a series of individual posts on a forum on CompuServe way back in 1986 before anyone ever heard of the word “blog”.

So although this is a blog made up of individual blog entries, more often than not each entry is not a standalone article. Each is in fact mini-chapter in a much longer essay. In the links below are some pages which are indexes showing you all of the posts in one of these multipart blog stories. This should help you read the stories in the proper order without interruptions because occasionally I do right tiny little standalone blog entries that are not part of some larger work.

  • My First Surgery In 2006 I was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery for a ruptured intestine. Given all of my other health problems this was a very big deal. Read this series of articles about my adventure.